Just a couple of pictures taken from a property before we carried out a moth treatment in Cirencester.

The extensive damage caused by these pesky pests is clear to see and left untreated causes irreversible damage to any natural fibres, such as wool, fur, feather, silk and cashmere. Common signs of a moth infestation can be multiple sightings of adult clothes moths in carpeted rooms (often scuttling across the carpet), bare patches on carpets, particularly in darker areas of the room and holes in natural fibre clothing.

The customer in this particular case had battled with moths destroying their wool carpets for several months, attempting to treat the problem with ‘off-the-shelf’ products to no avail, however we are pleased to report since ACD Pest Control completed the moth treatment at the property they haven’t seen any further moths, larvae or further damage.

A job well done and one satisfied customer!

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