You may have noticed larger than average wasps in or around your home as the weather is warming.

These are Queen Wasps, the ‘mothers’ of wasp nests which will soon become fully active mid-May. They will be busy seeking an ideal location to begin building the first stages of their nest, which will initially be the size of a golf ball.

Once the initial nest is built they lay their first clutch of eggs and wait for them to hatch and develop. These then become the ‘workers’, a team of wasps who continue building the nest and collecting food for the Queen and her developing wasp colony.

The Queen Wasp will continue to produce eggs throughout the summer months, at an incredible rate of 200 to 300 eggs a day!

Once a nest is established in a property owners will begin to notice increased wasp activity within 4 or 5 weeks, which is when ACD Pest Control can assist in the treatment of the nest to prevent further activity.

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