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Whilst doing repairs to the roof of our house, builders noticed wasps or bees going in and out of the tiles. Needing to have help and advice quickly I found Ian’s website and decided to contact him as he was based in the Stroud area. I phoned him and he came to the house within the hour. He advised that the insects were in fact bees, not wasps and gave a lot of interesting information on wasps, bees and their nests in general. Ian dealt with the situation very efficiently and with minimum interruption being caused to the work being done on the roof.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian to anyone wanting assistance with a problem with wasps or bees. His charges are very reasonable. He is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Also he is a nice person and very polite.

Mrs. G, Homeowner

We first noticed what we thought were wasps yesterday – just a couple in the living room – and then went in there this morning to find more – a lot more – all buzzing round the window. Obviously we were a bit worried, so I got on the phone to ACD Pest Control and asked them to send someone around to have a look for any nests. Ian was the guy who came around and he was really friendly. Took a look at the living room where they were and was quick to put us at ease – not wasps, they were actually honeybees, and there weren’t enough for a hive inside or anything like that. Just to be sure, he did a check of the house to see if there was any activity, and really helped to reassure us that the house wasn’t about to be swarmed.

Thanks very much to Ian for the quick response, the friendly service and for the call-out to put us at ease!

Mr. Strachan, Homeowner

I have used ACD Pest Control in the past to carry out pest control at my office. The engineer is always courteous and polite and willing to work around our needs and time frame. They are very professional and we would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

Mr. KJ Sulliven, Eleksafe - Stroud

Thank you  Ian for coming to my rescue and setting the traps!

Ms. Roberts, Tenant - Chalford

Ian and his team came to sort out my ant infestation that was plaguing my kitchen. What can I say, brilliant, first rate job, haven’t seen one since. Thank you Ian.

Pete Efford, Homeowner - Dursley

I would not hesitate to recommend Ian. He is knowledgeable, reliable and understanding, going out of his way to respond quickly. He helped us to locate the source of the problem, and we are now free of rats without using poison.

S, Homeowner - Near Stonehouse

After moving into a new rental property we quickly found there was a moth issue, after speaking with our letting agent we were visited by Ian who treated all the carpets in the house and several months later we are pleased to report no further moths have been seen! Thank you to Ian for coming to our rescue so quickly and booking us in as an emergency job before we moved all our belongings in to the house!

Mrs. T, Tenant - Cirencester

We had rodents in our our attic in the form of rats for the worst part of a 2 year period and had numerous visits from pest controllers provided by our local council at continuous costs to no success in dealing with the problem.

We got fed up of having no results and due to our house being semi detached our neighbors had the same issue.
They like us had exhausted many options and funds already to get rid of the rodents in their attic.

Prior to contacting ACD Pest Control our neighbors having already used their services, experienced no further issues and highly recommended them to us.

Upon arrival they were courteous, knowledgeable and as eager as we were in resolving the problem.

I can happily say that after a couple of days and a returned visit, we have not heard and currently don’t seem to be experiencing any further issues with  rodents in our attic. I would highly recommend Ian and his team to any individual who is currently experiencing a pest issue.

Mr. Morsi, Tenant - Stroud

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