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DIY Vs. Professional Pest Control

With the cost of living a constant strain for us all we understand that it can be difficult to decide whether to use professional pest control services or to go down the DIY route when pests have invaded your property or grounds. Here we explore the key pros and cons to each approach, to help you make an informed decision on how to proceed.The use of products available ‘off-the-shelf’ to members...

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Frequently Asked Questions – Wasps

With wasp nest season fast approaching we answer Frequently Asked Questions about these flying pests! Can wasps be dangerous? Yes, wasp stings can cause anaphylactic shock and in some cases this reaction can be fatal. How do I know if I have a wasp nest on my property? In many cases the nest itself may not be visible, often hidden underneath fascia's or roof tiles. Look out for frequent activity...

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Neophobia – How it Affects Rat Treatments

Ever heard of 'neophobia'? This is the term used to describe a fear of anything new and is something seen regularly in rats. Here we explore this further and how this behaviour can affect rat treatments and controlling these pests. What is Neophobia? Neophobia, as mentioned above, is a fear of new objects and is a common behaviour rats display. Whilst rats will happily explore different...

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Why Are Rodent Infestations Increasing During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

With the majority of food premises closed for business during the Covid-19 pandemic the food sources rats and mice would usually have available, largely from waste disposal areas, have reduced drastically. Our customers are therefore finding an increase in rodents seeking food from their gardens, outbuildings and homes. We have visited several properties in the Gloucestershire area this week,...

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Queen Wasps – When Pests Make Your Home Their Own!

You may have noticed larger than average wasps in or around your home as the weather is warming. These are Queen Wasps, the 'mothers' of wasp nests which will soon become fully active mid-May. They will be busy seeking an ideal location to begin building the first stages of their nest, which will initially be the size of a golf ball. Once the initial nest is built they lay their first clutch of...

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