With the majority of food premises closed for business during the Covid-19 pandemic the food sources rats and mice would usually have available, largely from waste disposal areas, have reduced drastically. Our customers are therefore finding an increase in rodents seeking food from their gardens, outbuildings and homes.

We have visited several properties in the Gloucestershire area this week, including Bisley, Cranham, Haresfield, Malmesbury, Stroud and Nailsworth and have been astounded by the level of rodent activity present at the properties, with several rodents casually surveying the garden as we have been discussing the treatment programme.

This behaviour is highly unusual, given that rats and mice are nocturnal and rarely venture out in the day. This change in behaviour has likely developed due to the level of desperation rodents have at the moment to seek food.

With the busy wasp nest season soon upon us we usually find the volume of rodent treatments we are dealing with beginning to reduce, however it would appear that just as humans are adapting to a new world, the rodents are also and the number and severity of infestations are only growing as the weeks pass.