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Rat PEST Control

Rat infestations within homes or commercial premises can cause serious health problems.

ACD Pest Control in Gloucestershire deal with rat problems humanely,  discreetly and effectively. 

If you have a rat problem in Gloucestershire or Wiltshire and need effective, affordable pest control please contact us.

About Rats

There are two species of rat in the United Kingdom:

– Rattus Norvegicus (Brown/Common Rat)

– Rattus Rattus (Black/Ship Rat).

Brown Rats have a blunt nose, small eyes and short legs. They are heavy bodied, with a tail shorter than its head and body.

Black Rats  have large eyes and ears, with a slender body and a tail longer than the head and body combined.

A female rat is able to reproduce every 6 weeks, with an average 6-8 offspring per litter. Their ability to reproduce so quickly means an infestation can quickly grow in size to the point where an intense treatment is required.

Rats are commonly found:

Internally: Within loft and attic spaces, kitchen and laundry rooms, behind appliances and under kickboards, gaps where piping/wiring enters the property, cavity walls and crawl spaces.

Externally: Under decking, sheds (in, around and below), garages, compost bins, vegetation, undergrowth and drain/sewer systems.

Have Rats Infested Your Property?

The earlier an infestation is tackled the less damage the rats can cause.

If you suspect you have a rat infestation please get in touch.

Problems Rats Can Cause

Rats are territorial creatures and urinate everywhere they go, communicating and marking their territory.

This urine and their bodies coming into contact with food preparation and storage areas represents a serious risk due to several diseases they can carry, such as: 

Salmonella, Listeria, Hantavirus, Toxoplasma Gondii and Leptospirosis.

Rats can also transport fleas, lice and mites as they go about their travels, threatening animals, livestock and humans.

The sound of rats scuttling around homes and the damage they can cause to properties can cause distress and can trigger murophobia/musophobia, a fear of rats or mice.

In addition to the health risks they pose, rats are renowned for the extensive damage they can cause to properties, due to their need to gnaw on things to ensure their teeth are kept in good condition.

Common sites of gnawing within properties are electrical cables and water/gas pipes, which left unchecked can present a serious fire risk and increase the likelihood of water or gas leaks.

How To Prevent Rat Infestations

Preventing rats entering a building is crucial to ensure they do not infest the property and as such we offer pest prevention advice and proofing services to all our customers.

We can complete remedial work on properties or can advise on areas where proofing is required and the best materials to use.

To learn more about our pest prevention services visit our Pest Prevention page.

Domestic Rat Control

Rats are survivors, they adapt rapidly and breed at a rate of knots. 

Early intervention significantly reduces the amount of damage rats can cause to homes.

If you suspect you have a rat infestation please give us a call!

Commercial Rat Control

Businesses run the risk of damaging their reputation if rats are found on a business premises. 

They can also be fined and are at risk of facing legal action if they do not have adequate pest control in place.

ACD Pest Control offer tailored pest control contracts to all businesses.

To arrange a no-obligation quotation please get in touch.

Drain Surveys

We specialise in investigating how rats have entered properties via the sewer system.

If you suspect your property has a drain defect please get in touch with us to arrange a CCTV Camera Survey of the sewer system and stop these pests for good.

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