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Squirrel Invasions

Squirrels can cause extensive damage once they gain access to a property.

If you suspect you have a squirrel infestation please contact us.

There are several reasons why grey squirrels pose a serious hazard to humans, animals and the environment.

Not only can they cause a significant amount of costly damage to properties (such as gnawing on wood, pipes and electrical wires), they are also responsible for the destruction of forests and declining numbers of red squirrels.

Dont Break the Law!

Grey squirrels are not native to the UK and as such it is illegal to release a grey squirrel back into the wild once it has been trapped.

For this reason once a squirrel has been trapped it has to be dispatched in a humane way.

We have heard many horror stories of people drowning squirrels after catching them, which is a cruel and illegal method. Employing the services of a professional pest company ensures they are dispatched humanely and legally.

When dealing with an active squirrel infestation inside a property it is important that the squirrel is removed prior to any proofing work being undertaken as they can otherwise cause further damage beyond the proofed area to try to regain access, attempting to return to young they have left in the property whilst out foraging for food.

Once the pest squirrel has been removed we identify and recommend any proofing required to prevent future access for squirrels. This proofing work can be undertaken by the homeowner themselves or we can provide a quote to complete this work.

For sites where there is an on-going extensive presence of squirrels we can also advise and provide a long-term control programme.


Bumping around or scratching noises in the loft or wall cavities.

Droppings or a urine smell in the attic.

Regular sightings of squirrels around the property and/or squirrels frequently seen near the roofline or atop tall fences.

Trees which have been stripped of their bark within the garden.

Damage (holes) in vents or damage to insulation within the loft.

Food being taken from bird feeders.

Bird feeders being moved or knocked over.

Many of the signs you have a squirrel problem are similar to those you may see when dealing with a rat infestation.

We have several years of experience and knowledge to identify the subtle differences between the two to ensure the correct control method is used.

Do we need to get Pest Control involved?

In most situations, yes, we would always advise to involve pest control as soon as a squirrel problem is identified.

There are several key pieces of legislation which govern how squirrels are dealt with and acting against these can lead to fines and prosecution. There are no poisons available on the amateur market for squirrels, however as a professional pest control company we have access to poison which can be used to eradicate squirrels. We are also trained and qualified to trap and dispatch squirrels in a humane way, ensuring that all legal obligations are met.

As with many pest issues, prevention is always better than cure, so if you are aware your property requires external proofing it is always best to undertake this work prior to a pest finding their way in.

We are happy to visit properties and assess them for any proofing required, advising customers on how best to proceed and completing the proofing work if they do not wish to undertake this themselves.

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