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Ant Infestations

We carry out ant treatments in domestic and commercial premises.

If ants in your home or business are making your skin crawl please contact us.

Are You Antsy About Ants?!

They may be small, but their ability to become a nuisance when they get into your home is mighty!

Although garden (or black) ants are not thought to carry diseases, you can never be sure where they were foraging before they came into your home and food cupboards, so having them in your home and crawling on your worktops is something best avoided. 

Have you ever noticed ants tend to follow each other? This is due to a chemical trail they leave behind them which acts as a path finder for other ants.

Aside from the clear sight of multiple ants scurrying around inside a property you may also find small piles of earth surrounding a hole in grounds outside the property or beside a wall, both of which indicate an ant nest.

How can ACD Pest Control help?

Sometimes despite homeowners and businesses doing all they can to stop the infestation the problem will continue. This is when you need to seek our help to eradicate the ant infestation.

We use products which are taken back to the heart of the nest, thus eliminating the ant colony.

We always advise customers on ways to prevent pest issues before they occur, thus saving them the risk of upset, time and money due to an infestation in the future.

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