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Drain surveys

Have rats been entering your property via the sewer system?

If you suspect rats are exiting the sewer system and entering your property you will require a drain survey.

Drain surveys are a key diagnostic tool used to identify any defects in the sewer system which are allowing rats to exit.

Almost 90% of rat infestations are traced back to a fault in a sewer pipe or a defective drain.

Many pest controllers only target the current infestation, without finding out how the rats entered the property in the first place. This leaves homeowners at high risk of a future re-infestation if pheromone trails the rats left behind are picked up by rats in the future.

By leaving the source of the original infestation unresolved there is essentially an ‘open door’ for future rats to move back in. Anyone who has had the misfortune of a rat infestation in their home previously will want to avoid them returning so identifying the source of the problem is crucial.

How can ACD Pest Control help?

ACD Pest Control can visit your property to conduct a CCTV survey of your sewer system 7 days a week.

We will advise you if there are areas of the sewer system which require remedial work to prevent rats exiting the sewer system and entering your property.

Once the extent of the drain defect is identified there are a number of options on how the issue can be resolved which we will discuss with you following the drainage survey.

Drain surveys are a specialist service which we recognise other pest control companies may not have the provisions to offer.

We complete drain surveys for both our own customers and for those who have been working alongside other pest control businesses.

To arrange a site visit and no obligation quotation call us on 07854 945 709 or complete our short enquiry form.

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