Gully repair completed in Dursley this week.

After suffering from multiple rat infestations over the years we were called in to undertake a drain survey which identified a ground-level gully had been installed above an original gully, with the dreaded expanding foam used to fill the gap between the two.

Rats chew out expanding foam for a pastime, so tunnelling through this and into the cavities of the property was never going to be much of a challenge for them.

A return visit to remedy the problem, installing a fully connected gully hopper and finishing the job with concrete surround has now rat proofed this area for good.

We undertake full investigations into rat infestations, including drain surveys, drainage repairs and proofing.

Commonly now called ‘the rat man’ (!!), Ian strives to get to the source of any rat infestations to put an end to them once and for all.

Expanding foam
Completed gully repair