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Humane Methods

Humane Methods

We use humane methods to control all types of pests.

Contact Information

Contact Information

For more information feel free to call us on 07854 945 709 or 01453 883849. Alternatively email us at
24/7 with no call-out charge


All pest control services are provided 7 days a week at no extra charge.

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Problem animals or insects can multiply quickly, damaging households or businesses, so removal must be quick and long lasting. Safe control is also crucial – you don’t want further damage to your home or reputation, but at the same time, you don’t want to hurt the wildlife.

ACD Pest Control are a Gloucestershire company specialising in pest control. We operate within a 30 mile radius of Stroud, including Gloucester, Cheltenham, Malmesbury, Tewkesbury, Cirencester and Swindon.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in pest control which lets us take care of any pest problems quickly and efficiently before your problem becomes too big and costly.

We use humane methods to control unwanted pests and offer services for all types of pest and wildlife control.

Whether it’s Wasps, Ants, Moths, Rats, Mice, Moles, Squirrels or any other unwelcome guests, we can handle any pest control situation quickly, safely and efficiently. Our professional and friendly service is backed by years of experience and the latest pest control techniques.

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ACD Pest Control Services, 89 Glebe Road, Minchinhampton, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL6 9JY


24/7 Mobile: 07854 945 709
Tel: 01453 883 849

Flying Insects

Flying Insects

Including Wasps, Flies, Moths & Mosquitos
Other Insects

Crawling Insects

Including Carpet Beetles, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Woodlice, Ants, Silverfish, Booklice, Fleas, & Ticks


Including Rats & Mice


Including Seagulls, Pigeons, Magpies & Crows
Small Mammals

Small Mammals

Including Moles, Squirrels & Rabbits
Large Mammals

Large Mammals

Including Foxes, Deer & Wild Boar

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Wasp Nest – 0, Pest Control – 1 in Stonehouse

We are now mid-season for wasp nests and the jobs are coming in thick and fast for us to eradicate these common summer/autumn pests. This wasp nest treatment was carried out in Stonehouse and clearly shows the nest itself, which has been...

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Insect Removal and Loft Cleaning in Minchinhampton

One of the many services we offer is loft cleaning and disinfecting when there have been previous pest infestations. This week we removed all soiled loft insulation, vacuumed mice droppings and cluster flies on the flooring and followed up by disinfecting the area and...

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ACD Pest Control are a local company specialising in pest control.

We operate within a 30 mile radius of Stroud, Gloucestershire, including: Gloucester, Cheltenham, Malmesbury, Tewkesbury, Cirencester and Swindon.