Pest control visit 5 of the day, rats getting into a shed in Dursley

This was one was and dusted in one visit, a missing section of wood had been allowing rats into the shed where they had been tucking into the bird seed stored inside.

Proofing to the shed was undertaken during the initial visit, alongside meshing the downpipe, to stop the rats being able to access the shed permanently.

On this occasion the customer has opted to have the proofing completed and then monitor for any continued activity before going down a treatment route.

We always liaise with our Client’s to determine how they wish to proceed, working with our Clients to find the best solution to achieve a pest-free environment.

A ‘one-size’ fits all approach doesn’t always work when it comes to rat pest control, so ensuring our Client’s are happy with the service we have provided and advice we have given is paramount…there is more to pest control than just ‘getting rid of the pests’!

Rats are a common pest control problem in rural locations throughout Gloucestershire, check out other rat jobs we have undertaken here.