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Mice PEST Control

Mice invading your home or business can carry diseases.

ACD Pest Control in Gloucestershire deal with mice problems quickly, discreetly and humanely. 

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About Mice

In the UK there are two common species of mice, the House Mouse and the Field/Wood Mouse.

House Mice have small feet, large eyes and thinly-haired ears with a pointed nose and slim whiskers. Their bodies range in length between 60-90mm, with their tails usually equalling their body length. Their fur is light brown-grey all over, including their tails which have sparse hairs also.

Field/Wood Mice have sandy brown fur with a lighter underside. Their eyes are larger than a house mouse.

Both species of mice pose the same health risks to homeowners and businesses so eradicating this common pest is crucial to safeguard your health and others.

Are Mice Invading Your Premises?

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Problems Mice Can Cause

Mice mark their territory with their urine and it is this, alongside their droppings and soiled bedding materials that can transmit diseases such as salmonella and listeria.

Mice will often travel over worktops and food storage areas, spreading bacteria as they go.

To ensure they keep their teeth trimmed mice also gnaw on objects, often chewing on wiring and water/gas pipes which subsequently presents a significant risk of fire or water/gas leaks.

Preventing Mice Infestations

Mice only require a gap of 5-6mm (the end of a pencil) to gain access. If their head can fit through, so can their bodies, due to their rather cleverly designed flexible ribs.

We offer pest prevention advice and proofing services to all our customers.

We can complete remedial work on properties or can advise on areas where proofing is required and the best materials to use.

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Domestic Mice Control

Mice breed rapidly, therefore eradicating them quickly from is crucial.

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Commercial Mice Control

Businesses have a legal obligation to keep premises rodent free.

We offer tailored rodent control contracts to businesses in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.

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