Today we have visited a beautiful property in Cirencester to undertake a Homebuyer Pest Control Survey following the client being advised that there were signs of a possible rat or mouse infestation.

We identified multiple mouse droppings in the loft and garage area during the survey and completed a full report for the client regarding available treatment plans and estimated costs for these. The report has now been used to negotiate a reduction in the price of the property, in recognition of the pest control work which will be required. We appreciate the costs involved for homebuyers when purchasing properties and therefore offer these surveys at a very reasonable price, which can be discussed and agreed prior to the survey being undertaken.

Mice activity is common in rural areas such as Cirencester, due to the abundance of open countryside and natural shelters, for example, Cotswold stone walling. I have lived in Minchinhampton since birth and set up my pest control business in the local area, so I have seen the damage mice can cause to homes, with mice often finding their way into the Cotswold stone cottages and outbuildings we are renowned for in this area.

Many homeowners will find early signs of mouse activity during the Autumn and Winter months, when the temperatures begin to drop and they seek warmth and shelter within properties.

It is crucial to treat a mouse infestation as soon as possible, as they reproduce at a phenomenal rate, with one female mouse being able to get pregnant 5-10 times a year, with an average litter of 6-8 pups. When these pups reach 6-8 weeks old (on average) they are then sexually mature and so the cycle continues. You can now see how quickly a property can become overrun with mice!!