Rabbit and Fox PEST Control

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Rabbit and Fox PEST Control

If rabbits or foxes are causing problems on your land contact us for quick, effective control. 


Wild rabbits pose several issues to both landowners and homeowners alike. They can cause a massive loss in crop productivity and sometimes up-to 100% total loss.

Rabbits will happily munch through wheat, oats, barley and will also attack vegetables, fruit, flowers and bulbs.

Loss of crops isn’t the only problem rabbits create, their burrowing undermines the ground which can collapse and destabilise structures above.

The cost of the damage to repair collapsed roads, buildings and even railroads can run into the thousands and the more rabbits there are, the bigger the problem will become.

Rabbits can also carry diseases such as tularaemia. Often immune to these themselves they then pass these on to other animals and humans. Mites and ticks can also be passed on from rabbits to humans or other animals.

We have many years of experience providing rabbit control on a variety of sites, including farmlands, parks and recreational grounds.

We use a variety of methods to control rabbits on a site, the approach taken will be assessed to ensure maximum control whilst taking into account the site conditions and extent of the infestation.

Learn more about landowners responsibilities to control rabbit numbers here.

Did you know?

One rabbit can cause 1% crop loss per hectare of land.

With their incredible reproduction rate (one female rabbit can produce up to 60 young per year) it is easy to see how entire crops can be lost if a rabbit problem is allowed to continue.


Foxes are becoming more and more common in urban areas and can carry a huge range of parasites and diseases that are hazardous to the health of domestic pets and people.

Foxes are known to transmit numerous contagious illnesses which can seriously affect pet dogs and cats.

Dogs can be infected with fox mange by simply rolling around on the same patch of grass a fox has rolled around on.

You can read more about this on the Pets4Homes website.

Fox control is a specialist service, contact us to discuss how we can control foxes on your land.