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Fly Infestations

Flies within homes or commercial premises can be a real nuisance.

ACD Pest Control in Gloucestershire deal with fly problems quickly and effectively. 

If you have a fly problem in Gloucestershire or Wiltshire and need effective, affordable pest control please contact us.

Flies are a nuisance around the home, especially in large numbers, however trying to prevent flies entering the home can be extremely difficult.

There are signs which may indicate you have a fly infestation which requires professional pest control.

Things to look out for include small patches of dark dots on a surface, regular sightings of flies present within the home and around bin areas and maggots, which are fly larvae.

Some species of fly are capable of transmitting diseases such as salmonella and tuberculosis, so it is important to seek professional help if you suspect you have a fly infestation.

When our professionally qualified pest control technician visits he will identify the type of fly and from there determine the appropriate treatment and advise if long-term control measures are required, for example, to control cluster flies.

Cluster Flies

Cluster flies can present serious problems for homeowners and businesses, as they congregate within attics and roof voids during the Autumn months to hibernate over Winter.

Cluster flies can completely take over a roof void and once inside a property there is little that can be done other than kill or trap them.

Trying to prevent them entering is an almost impossible task as they can enter through the smallest of cracks and crevices in doors, walls and windows.

How can ACD Pest Control help?

We have several years experience treating fly infestations and assisting customers to control cluster flies on a long-term basis.

By involving a professional pest control company you can rest assured you will receive the latest guidance and information on how to deal with fly infestations.

In addition, you will have peace of mind that any work completed is fully insured and carried out in line with the latest techniques, using fully-certified products for use in the UK.

We have also carried out loft cleaning services in many of these properties, where dead cluster flies have gathered on the insulation over the years.

Domestic Fly Control

Flies can be a real nuisance in homes.

If you require fly control service in your home please get in touch!

Commercial Fly Control

Flies can be an issue in food establishments.

If you require fly control for your business please give us a call!

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