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ACD Pest Control are experts at providing solutions for intrusive birds that cause pollution and damage to the environment. We use various bird proofing and bird control methods, such as spikes and bird netting. If you have problems with pigeons, gulls or any birds contact ACD on 07854 945 709.

We provide a call-out service 7 days a week and are a trusted provider for all types of pest control services, ensuring that we take care of your pest problems discreetly and effectively. We take on jobs from small residential properties to agricultural contracts, factories and many more.


Pigeons pose a threat of damaging property, due to their size and proximity to people and their dwellings. Pigeons often cause significant pollution with their droppings, though there is little evidence of them driving out other bird species


Gulls are a large pest bird that can cause a lot of damage to property by blocking guttering with their nests and also using roofing materials within their nests. They also have a very loud call and produce a lot of mess from fouling.

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We can provide solutions for all types of birds and the problems they can cause. We can provide bird control including bird netting & bird proofing solutions depending on the problem and type of building/area you want to deter birds from.

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ACD Pest Control are a local company specialising in pest control.

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