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Moth Infestations

Although moths don’t pose a health risk, they can cause severe damage to clothes, carpets and fabrics.

ACD Pest Control in Gloucestershire deal with moth problems quickly and effectively. 

If you have a moth problem in Gloucestershire or Wiltshire and need effective, affordable pest control please contact us.

Moths can cause severe damage to natural fibres in clothes, carpets, fabrics, furs and even leather.

Serious damage can be caused when moth larvae eat the protein ‘keratin’ which is in natural materials such as wools, cottons and silks.

Many of our customers are surprised to learn that it isn’t the moths they see (adult moths) which cause the damage, it is the larvae which eat any natural fibres they come into contact with that are responsible for the extensive damage our customers find.

Moth infestations can spread quickly, so early treatment is crucial to ensure properties are protected from further damage.

Common UK Moths

In the UK there are four moths which commonly cause damage to items made of natural fibres:

– Common Clothes Moth

– Case Bearing Clothes Moth

– Brown House Moth

– White Shouldered House Moth

Signs You May Have a Moth Infestation

– Finding small maggot shaped insects (moth caterpillars)

– Finding silk cocoons or tubes (cases)

– Seeing adult moths, these will often crawl as opposed to fly

– Damage on clothes, carpets and furnishings (click here for an example of carpet damage caused by moths)

How can ACD Pest Control Help?

Eradicating moths is no easy task for homeowners and businesses without professional assistance. 

The amount of damage moths can cause is extensive and the longer it is allowed to continue, the higher the costs become to replace the damaged items.

We will identify the type of moth causing the damage to your belongings and treat the property using professional-use only products and years of knowledge and experience in ridding homes and businesses of moths.

All our work is fully insured and completed by fully-qualified pest control technicians, so you can be assured that the service you receive will be of the highest standard.

Domestic Moth Control

Moths can cause serious damage to carpets, clothing and fabric within the home.

If you require a moth treatment in your home please get in touch!

Commercial Moth Control

Moths can attack fabrics and carpets within Restaurants, Hotels and B & Bs.

If you require a moth treatment for your business please give us a call!

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