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Carpet Beetle Infestations

Carpet beetles can cause extensive damage to fabrics they attack.

If you suspect you have a carpet beetle infestation please contact us.

Identifying Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles resemble a ladybird in size and shape with their colour being their most distinguishing feature.

They are often black and brown but have been seen with yellow and white markings.

The larvae (known as ‘woolly bears’) are responsible for the damage these critters cause, munching through fur, hair and wool before their full life cycle completes within approximately one year.

Towards late summer carpet beetles are likely to enter your home and lay up to 40 eggs at a time in any natural fibres including curtains and carpets.

What Damage Can They Do?

Although moths have a bad reputation for causing damage, carpet beetles actually outrank the clothes moth as the major textile pest in the UK, so treatment of this pest is crucial to protect your belongings.

Carpet beetles can cause damage to rugs, carpets and clothing. They will also attack photos, book covers and documents.

How Can ACD Pest Control Help?

Carpet beetles can be treated with an insecticide treatment which has a residual effect, thus eliminating the infestation for good.

We will explain the treatment to you prior to completing any works, so you are confident in what will be done and the products that will be used.