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Mole PEST Control

 If moles have invaded your land please contact us for quick, effective control. 

Moles are active throughout the year, however activity is greater during late winter and early spring.

Moles are known to be very territorial and as such one mole can take over a large area, creating multiple molehills as he creates his tunnel system.

Unfortunately there is very little that can be done to prevent moles entering into an area.

There are many claims that pouring products into the holes can deter them, however there is no scientific evidence to support this being effective. Introducing these products into the ground also poses a danger to any small creatures which also live in the soil and can cause them unnecessary suffering.

Here at ACD Pest Control we use trapping, as this is the most universally applicable and dependable method of mole control, providing quick, humane results.

What to look out for

Fresh mounds of earth that appear overnight in gardens and other grassy areas.

New molehills will have loose, damp soil; older hills will be flatter and the earth more compacted.

Raised ridges in the ground, caused by the extensive tunnel systems moles create.

Mole hills

Do we need to get Pest Control involved?

It depends, some of our customers will be happy to leave them be as they are not known to carry any disease, however the below should be considered before making a decision:

> Mole runs can disturb roots, impeding the growth of crops, flowers, plants and lawns.

> When moles tunnel through the ground they can push stones up to the surface which can damage mowers.

> On grounds where animals are present the uneven ground (caused by the raised ridges and molehills) can cause animals to fall and become injured.

> Many customers find the molehills unsightly, particularly on landscaped gardens.

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