The week started with a mole control treatment in Fairford.

The damage one sole mole had made to the garden here was incredible. One mole had created a tunnel system spanning the entire garden!

We have years of experience in mole trapping within Gloucestershire and Wiltshire and are never short of calls to rid gardens of these pests!

Did you know moles spend most of their lives digging these extensive tunnel systems? They are carnivores and feed on worms and small invertebrates to sustain them.

Moles are also extremely territorial. Many people find multiple mole hills and worry they have a significant mole problem. However, it is usually only the one which is the culprit.

Fairford is a regular location we visit for mole control in late Autumn and early Spring. The abundance of green areas in Fairford and the surrounding towns is an ideal place for moles to set up home.

Visit our mole control page to learn more about how we can remove moles from your land.