Full loft clean, disinfection and re-insulation in Dursley completed this week.

Following identification of mouse droppings by the new homeowner at this property we were called in.

A bait test was the first step, to identify if any mice remained active in the loft. Once we had the all clear that the mice infestation was historic the cleaning began!

Removal of all loft insulation, full vacuum and disinfection, with a brand new 300mm layer of insulation installed.

The finished result – One clean, sanitised loft, fully insulated to keep the property warm for many years to come.

Pest infestations in lofts – be it rats, squirrels, or mice, can leave a multitude of droppings, diseases and urine behind.

We provide a full wrap-around service, eradicating the pest, proofing where they have entered and concluding the job with a full loft clean and re-insulation.

Contact ACD Pest Control today if pests have invaded your loft space!

Rodent loft clean in Dursley