Squirrel control programme initiated in Minchinhampton, Stroud today.

The damage caused to the trees by the grey squirrels has to be one of the worst cases we have seen, with vast areas of bark completely stripped off tree limbs.

The photos speak for themselves, each day the homeowner has cleared the bark from the floor, with the photos below depicting how much bark had been stripped off the trees in one night alone.

Tackling grey squirrel infestations promptly is key to protecting trees from damage which they may not otherwise recover from.

The sooner the squirrels are removed from the area, the higher the chances the trees can recover.

Our squirrel control programmes are designed to eradicate all grey squirrels in that location, whilst protecting any non-target species, such as our native red squirrels.

Contact us today to arrange a site survey.

Squirrel Damaged Tree Stroud 1
Squirrel Damaged Tree Stroud 2
Squirrel Stripped Tree Bark 2
Squirrel Stripped Tree Bark 1