We are now mid-season for wasp nests and the jobs are coming in thick and fast for us to eradicate these common summer/autumn pests.

This wasp nest treatment was carried out in Stonehouse and clearly shows the nest itself, which has been carefully constructed by the wasps using chewed wood pulp which they mix with their saliva, creating paper type walls.

If it weren’t for the risks wasps can pose to adults, children and pets you could almost sit and marvel at the design and patterns on the nest, however due to the location of this nest, treatment was the only option.

All our wasp nest treatments at ACD Pest Control come with a guarantee, if the first treatment is unsuccessful we return free of charge to carry out the treatment again, although the majority of nests are killed on the first treatment we believe this promise offers the best, cost effective service to our customers.

You can learn more about wasps and the services we provide by clicking here.