This week we treated a property in Cirencester for a severe bed bug infestation. This was one of the most serious infestations we have come across (and we have treated a lot of properties for bed bugs!) and this picture is just a small sample of the critters we found!

The property owners first noticed they were waking with bites on their arms which then began to appear on their children also. After seeking advice from ACD Pest Control we visited the property and were immediately able to identify the culprits, bed bugs were literally everywhere we searched, even hiding in the screw heads on the underside of their bedroom cabinets!

A full bed bug treatment was undertaken and the customer has reported no further activity.

Bed bugs often enter homes via luggage, clothing and second hand furniture, invading your home undetected. Bed bugs feed solely on blood, therefore the presence of them in a property has no bearing on its cleanliness, even a stately home is not immune to bed bugs taking up residence!

For NHS advice on how to treat bed bug bites and how to spot the first signs of them you can visit the NHS website and call ACD, your local, professional pest control company, to treat your property and eradicate these pests for good.

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