Drain defect

Another day, another drain defect in Stroud!

The homeowners at this property had been experiencing continual rat infestations and the identification of this fault now explained why.

Excavation work we completed discovered the gas pipe had been moled directly through the sewer pipe, destroying the clay pipe as it passed through.

As a result of the broken sewer pipe rats had been able to leave the sewer system and burrow straight into the house.

A closer look underneath the concrete surrounding the metal grate showed a hole leading directly into the house, an open door the rats had created and continued to use to gain access to the house.

Needless to say the utility company has now visited and rectified the break in the pipe – a great result for the homeowners and for the team at ACD Pest Control.

We specialise in investigating how rats are entering properties and advising and completing remedial work as required.

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