I am amazed at the complete disregard rats have towards any human presence at the moment, as you can see from this photo (taken at a property in Stroud). Their current desperation for food is leading to adaptations in their behaviour – to be out during the day and calmly grazing on food as I stand talking to customers is highly unusual, as discussed in the post last week.


We have taken several photos to document this behaviour over the past few weeks, not only in the Stroud area, but also in Cirencester, Dursley, Stonehouse and many others, with the call outs for rodent infestations only increasing as the days pass.

In this particular case we are putting in place a 3 month contract for the customer, which has been customised to safeguard the livestock also present at the property. We always tailor our treatments to the needs of our clients, which we discuss in full prior starting the treatment programme.

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