We were called out to a property in Gloucester this week to identify how rats have been entering the house. The customers had battled with rat infestations for several years and treatments completed by other pest control companies had failed to eradicate the rats for good. The costs to the customer for these repeated rat treatments were eye-watering so we were keen to solve this problem for them once and for all.

Following a CCTV drain survey of the sewer system we identified an uncapped redundant line. This oversight had allowed rats to exit the sewer system and run straight under the cladding of the property. From here the rats had free roam around the cavity walls and directly into the loft space above.

A drain bung was subsequently installed and the property is now rodent free, a great outcome for the customer and true job satisfaction for the ACD Pest Control team.

It is a common practice by others to deal only with the current infestation, putting poison down to eradicate the rats at that time. However, this approach fails to identify how rats have entered the property in the first place and leaves homeowners at high risk of future re-infestations. This property in Gloucester was a prime example of how important it is to find out how rats have accessed a property and stop the problem at source.

Rats leave pheromone trails wherever they roam, which they use for multiple purposes. Pheromone trails assist in breeding, territory marking, noting the presence of food and also highlighting any threats. Once a pheromone trail has been created it acts as a beacon for any future rats which enter the area, leading them straight back to the point of entry the rats used previously.

The only true way to ensure a property is not re-infested by rats is to investigate and identify how they entered the home or business in the first place and block their entry points. Purely dealing with the current infestation may eradicate the rats present at the time, but it does not solve the problem for good.

We carry out CCTV drain surveys for our own customers and for customers who require standalone drain surveys.

On many occasions we have found that preventing the rats accessing the property in the first place has meant there has been no need to complete a treatment, as the remedial work has blocked their entry point. As a result of this rats being able to access the property has been stopped both now and in the future. This approach means customers have saved money on both the treatment they would have needed and any future costs incurred treating re-infestations. The savings don’t always stop there, as the costs incurred to repair any damage the rats cause when they reinvade can mean a hefty bill over the course of time.

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to rat infestations and drain surveys can often play a crucial part in ensuring your property remains rat free. With approximately 90% of home rat infestations being linked to a drain defect it isn’t hard to see how important it is to have drain surveys in your toolbox when eradicating rat infestations!

If you would like to read more about the drain survey services we provide please visit our Drain Survey Page or get in touch with us to arrange a visit.