We have been busy proofing a property in Minchinhampton this month, completing several visits to prevent rats accessing the property.

The works completed so far include:

  • Replacing a plastic storm water drain cover with a metal grill as the rats had chewed the plastic one out;
  • Proofing holes in the exterior walls;
  • Completing a drain survey to identify defects in the sewer system;
  • Installing one-way valves in the sewer system.

Even before the proofing to the wall had been completed in full the customer reported hearing no further rats in the property.

This is a sure sign that the valves in the sewer system already working to keep the rats in the sewers – back where they belong.

We are passionate about resolving rat infestations within properties. We focus on prevention being the key to successfully eradicating rat infestations now and in the future.

If remedial work can be identified and completed to stop rats accessing a building we will always advise our customers of this and complete the works required upon request.

To learn more about how we can help you eradicate rats in your home or business visit our rat control services page.